Unanticipated Fun

Unanticipated Fun is a band featuring the Cranors and their friends. The lineup of the band varies with the songs being performed (it's unanticipated, but always fun!). Core band members include:

We mostly play rock cover songs from a variety of artists and styles ranging from 60s pop to metal (e.g. from The Monkees to Tool). Recent highlights include Courtney Barnett's Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party, The Monkees Words, and Tool's The Pot.

The complete set of videos of Unanticipated Fun performances are linked below.


July 2018 CMU Children's School 50th Anniversary Ice Cream Social
Nina (vocals and guitar), Alex (drums), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Lorrie (flute)

June 2018 Sunburst recital photos

June 2018 Sunburst recital videos


December 2017 Sunburst recital photos

You and Me (Moody Blues)
Nina (vocals), Alex (drums), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Lorrie (flute), Jonathan (guitar)

Emily (Keri Noble)
Nina (vocals), Alex (drums), Chuck (guitar), Jonathan (bass)

Are Friends Electric? (Gary Numan/Tuebway Army)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Ben (drums)

Disappear (Nina Cranor)
Nina (vocals and guitar), Shane (bass), Mikey (drums)

Find Another Fool (Quarterflash)
Nina (vocals), Alex (drums), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar)

Bourree (Bach, arr Ian Anderson)
Lorrie and Maya (flute), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums)
June 2017 at Sunburst School of Music recital

Take the Power Back (Rage Against the Machine)
Lorrie (vocals), Nina (vocals), Ben (drums), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar)

Bourree (Bach, arr Ian Anderson)
Lorrie and Maya (flute), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums). May 2017 at Sarah's flute recital


Monday Morning (Fleetwood Mac)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums). Dec 2016.

Still Breathing (Green Day)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums). Dec 2016.

The Pot (Tool)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Ben (drums). Dec 2016.

Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party (Courtney Barnett)
Nina (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chuck (lead guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums). Dec 2016.

Words (The Monkees)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums, backing vocals), Lorrie (flute, wind chimes), Chuck (guitar). Sept. 2016.

Panic Dimension (Shane Cranor)
Shane (guitar, keyboards). June 2016.

What A Crying Shame (The Mavericks)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums). June 2016.

The Gardener (townsppl, live version of Shane's metal remix)
Alex (guitar, vocals), Nina (bass, backing vocals), Shane (drums), Chuck (guitar). June 2016.

Loose Change (Royal Blood)
Shane (bass), Nina (vocals), Ben (drums). May 2016.

Slow Dog (Belly)
Nina (guitar, vocals), Chuck (guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums). May 2016.

My Sunday Feeling (Jethro Tull)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Lorrie (flute), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums). May 2016.

Heart Full of Soul (The Yardbirds)
Nina (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chuck (lead guitar), Alex (drums). April 2016.


Obstacles (Shane Cranor)
Shane (keyboards and video), Nina (vocals). Dec 2015.

Hysteria (Muse)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Ben (drums). Dec 2015.

The Forgotten (Green Day)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Mikey (keyboard). Dec 2015.

Anyone Out There? (Duran Duran)
Nina (vocals), Chuck (guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums), Jay (keyboards). Dec 2015.

Thermonuclear Monsters (Shane Cranor)
Shane (keyboards and video). May 2015.

The Loco-Motion (Grand Funk Railroad)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Shane (bass), Ben (drums), Jay (percussion), Mikey (backing vocals). May 2015.

Welcome to Paradise (Green Day cover)
Nina (vocal), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Ben (drums). May 2015.

What'd I Say (Rare Earth cover, orig by Ray Charles)
Nina (vocals), Chuck (guitar), Shane (bass), Alex (drums), Jay (organ), Ben (percussion, backing vocals). May 2015.


Roundabout (Yes)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Alex (guitar), Jay (keyboards), Ben (drums). Nov 2014.

A Little Boy Named Train (Green Day)
Nina (vocals and guitar), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Ben (drums). Nov 2014.

Live on the Moon (The Drills)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Alex (drums), Ben (backing vocals). Nov 2014.

Obsolete (Shane Cranor)
Shane (keyboards), Nina (vocals). Nov 2014.

Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Chuck (guitar), Jonathan (drums), Ben (backing vocals). July 2014.

Sassafras Roots (Green Day)
Nina (vocals and guitar), Shane (bass), Danielle (drums). July 2014.

The Last Time [audio only] (The Rolling Stones)
Nina (vocals and rhythm guitar), Chuck (lead guitar). Feb 2014.


Spoonman (Soundgarden)
Nina (vocals), Shane (bass), Ben (bass, spoons, backing vocals), Chuck (guitar), Jonathan (drums). Dec 2013.

The Hard Way (The Knack)
Nina (vocals, guitar), Shane (bass), Jonathan (drums). Dec 2013.

About A Girl (Nirvana)
Nina (guitar, vocals), Spencer (guitar), Shane (bass), Jonathan (drums). May 2013.

Rock And Roll Soul (Grand Funk Railroad)
Nina and Ben (vocals), Shane (bass), Alex (guitar), Jonathan (drums). May 2013.